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Online therapy for adults in Oregon and Washington

Frequently Asked Questions

Billing FAQ

Do you accept insurance and how will I be billed? 

We accept insurance and private pay.
We will bill your insurance for you. However, you will be responsible for any copays and/or uncovered balances. 
If you chose to pay privately, please contact us directly to discuss session fees. Regardless of payment type, you will be required to keep a card on file to be charged for copays, late cancelation, or no-show fees, as needed.

We accept:

BlueCross BlueShield/Regence

United Healthcare 


Oregon Health Plan (OHP)

We also accept individuals who wish to see us as "out of network."

Do I need a referral?

Depending on what insurance you have, you may need a referral. Please contact your insurance to check if this is required. Private pay does not require a referral. 

Do you require a credit card to be kept on file? 

Yes, you will be required to keep a card on file to be charged for copays, late cancelation, or no-show fees, as needed. The information is stored in our HIPAA-compliant EHR.

Can I pay privately?

Yes, we do offer private pay options. Please call us at 562-340-6068 or email us at to further discuss session fees.

Do you offer reduced rates for financial hardship?

It is possible you may qualify for reduced rates, including sliding scale or session scholarships, due to financial hardship. Please note, you will be required to provide documentation of hardship and sign a session fee agreement form acknowledging the scholarship or fee agreement, terms and limits of the agreement, and potential number of sessions the agreement includes. Please call us at 562-340-6068 or email us at to further discuss reduced rate options.

Do you offer free screenings?

Yes, please call us at 562-340-6068 or email us at in order to set up a free 15-minute screening appointment. 

Therapy FAQ

How do I make an appointment?

Please call us at 562-340-6068 email us at, or complete our contact form on this website. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

We require 48-hour notice for canceling or rescheduling your appointment. To cancel or reschedule, please contact your provider directly. If you do not provide sufficient notice or fail to attend your scheduled appointment without notice, you may be charged a late cancelation or no-show fee of $75 to the card on file.
If three consecutive appointments are missed, canceled, or rescheduled within the 48-hour period cancelation policy, you may be discharged from services. If you cancel or reschedule multiple, consecutive times, you may also be discharged from services. 

Where does therapy take place? 

We offer in-person sessions at our office in Beaverton (see contact information for our address) or video sessions that must take place within the state your provider is licensed in. 

Please be aware that we are not professionally affiliated with the LifeQual Center and you do not need to give them any information upon your arrival, save for who you are here to see (i.e., NW Intrinsic Psychotherapy). 

Do you offer in-home sessions?


Do you offer religious-based therapy? 

Religious-based psychotherapy (e.g., Chrisitian counseling) is not offered at NW Intrinsic Psychotherapy. However, we recognize the importance of religion for many of our clients and are able to integrate religion into sessions, as requested.

Can you prescribe medication? 

NW Intrinsic Psychotherapy providers do not prescribe medication. We are able to communicate with prescribers to help advocate for you and with a completed release of information.

How often can I expect to attend sessions?

This question depends on what your concerns and goals are for therapy. Typically, we recommend beginning with weekly sessions to get to know your therapist, begin exploring your goals with more detail, and learning adaptive skills and behaviors. As you progress in therapy, session frequency may be gradually reduced as you are able to maintain improvements and meet your goals.

Is everything kept between us and confidential?

We follow HIPAA, and state and federal laws regarding client confidentiality. However, there may be times when we are obligated to break confidentiality to protect you or others or comply with state and federal laws. We use a HIPAA-complaint Electronic Health Records (EHR) system and HIPAA-complaint email and phone lines. However, we ask that you do not send any personal health information (PHI) via email or text due to your systems most likely not being HIPAA-compliant. 

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about informed consent or confidentiality laws. 

How will I know I am done with treatment?

We keep track of symptoms via certain questionnaires and treatment plan goals; however, you are the expert on you. Some signs you may be “done” with treatment are not knowing what you would like to discuss, less distress in your day-to-day life, or noticing you are able to address stressors in your life appropriately. Collaboratively discussing improvements and increased confidence with coping with your provider can help determine when you are ready to end treatment.

I really want to see one of you. Am I guaranteed to have my chosen therapist?

We will do our best to help you meet with the therapist of your choice while also honoring our commitment to safety and best practices. This means that, if your chosen therapist does not have any current availability, you may be offered to be placed on a waitlist. This also means that if your therapist believes you may be better supported at a different clinic or by a different specialty or provider, it is their ethical and legal responsibility to refer you to that resource. 

Do you offer psychological assessments?

At this time, we do not offer psychological assessments.

Do you provide gender affirming surgery letters? 

If you are an established client, we are willing to discuss how to best support you in regard to gender affirming needs. However, we do not write letters for new clients nor do we only provide letters to clients (i.e., must be part of an establish treatment plan). We do not guarantee a letter will be provided, and this needs to be discussed with your provider. 

General FAQ

What age of client do you treat? 

We treat adults (18+). 

Do you see children? 

We do not currently have any providers who see minors.

Do you provide family or couples therapy? 

We do not currently have any providers who provide family or couples counseling.

What psychological concerns do you treat? 

We treat symptoms related to depression, anxiety, trauma, mild to moderate substance use, mild psychosis and delusional disorders, stress associated with life changes and transitions (e.g., empty-nest, divorce, caregiving), and stress associated with health concerns (e.g., cancer, diabetes).

What is cultural competency and why does it matter?

Cultural competency refers to a person's awareness of their own cultural experiences and values and how this may differ from another person's cultural experiences and values. 
As psychologists, we try our best to understand your experiences and how our own experiences may impact this understanding. We continually seek information, consultation and training to learn about other cultures, experiences, viewpoints, and beliefs. However, we cannot claim to be "experts" about every culture, community, or belief, let alone your distinct experiences as an individual. Our goal is to treat each person as an individual with a unique tapestry of experiences and connections while also remaining humble and compassionate.

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